About Me

Hi, I’m Craig.

I’ve always loved superheroes, haven’t you? What about science fiction? Video games? Board games? Books? Yeah,  me too. I grew up loving comics, reading about Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and others. I had countless action figures and games with these characters, as did many of my friends. I loved TV and movies, too. I lived for Star Trek in particular, but also loved The Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, Quantum Leap, and many many others through the years.  Now, as a father, I’m watching my kids develop that same love and I think it’s great.

At the same time, as an adult, I am more aware of our growing need for heroes and stories that portray a brighter future. The world is a darker place than it was when I was little. Kids need heroes to look up to and ideals to aspire to. While the best heroes are those who live in the real world, it’s also nice to look to fiction for inspiration sometimes. People have always been drawn to tales of larger-than-life characters, exciting adventures and heroes overcoming villains.

This site is about those heroes and those stories whether they come from comics, books, movies, games or anywhere else. It’s also about anything that might appeal to those who might be labelled ”geeks.” It’s a site for kids and adults who remember being kids.