DC Universe Rebirth: a Return to Heroic Heroes

I may be a bit premature in saying this, but it looks like DC Universe Rebirth is set to undo some of the darkness and cynicism found in comics today and bring back what I loved about DC comics and their heroes. So far, I am feeling pretty optimistic.

DC has arguably¬†the most iconic superheroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash… these characters need no introduction to almost anyone you meet. I have travelled to the far side of the globe and seen people walking down the street with Superman shirts, or sporting his famous “S” on rings or other jewelry. These characters are known and loved by millions and with the current popularity of superheros in other forms of media such as movies and Netflix series, they are reaching new people daily.

I tend to be a bit more of a Marvel fan, but my first comics were Superman and Batman, “borrowed” from my brother’s collection (and then “enhanced” by my burgeoning skill with crayons…). I loved Superman and Batman right off the bat. No pun intended.

Now, I haven’t read everything that has been released yet, but having looked at the first several Rebirth issues, I am very excited and hopeful for what is to come. It looks like DC is going back to the classic “good guy” heroes that I grew up with and which I can share with my kids.

Over the years, comic characters have become progressively darker as anti-heroes gained in popularity. I see no real problem with those types of characters, but I don’t think that every character needs to be that way. While a character like Batman at DC or Daredevil at Marvel benefits from grittier stories, a hero like Superman is meant to be inspiring. Thankfully, the comics seem to be taking steps to bring back a sense of hope and a positive outlook.

Now we just need that in the movies.