DC Comics: Wonder Woman Leads This Week’s Reads May 10

Once again, amoung the titles I am reading from DC, Wonder Woman is at, or at least near the top. It makes me rather sad, then, to hear that Greg Ruck will be leaving the book after issue 25. While he made a comment about it being “for now,” I don’t know that we can honestly expect him to come back in the foreseeable future.

Overall, it was a pretty good week, though I suspect that I will be dropping at least one more title, as I am not sure that Superwoman will maintain my interest.

Superwoman #10

Rediscovery Part 1  After losing the powers she had as Superwoman, Lana Lang is given another chance to be a hero, but will she take it? Yeah, of course she will, as John Henry Irons’s family history comes back to haunt them.

Titans # 11

The Lazarus Contract Part 1 Beginning a crossover that will run through Titans, Teen Titans and Deathstroke. The return of the original Wally West might provide the key to bringing Deathstroke’s son back from the dead and the world’s deadliest assassin doesn’t plan to let that opportunity slip past.

Detective Comics #956

League of Shadows Finale  It’s the final Battle against Shiva and her League of Shadows, but with Batwoman injured, Batwing and Azrael struggling to disarm a nuclear bomb, and Batman himself outclassed by Shiva’s martial prowess, how can his team hope to survive?

Wonder Woman #22

Godwatch Part 4  By Rucka and Evely  Wonder Woman and Veronica Cale come face to face… on a date?

Action Comics #979

Revenge Part 1 By Jurgens and Zircher  The Superman Revenge Squad adds Mongul to their numbers as they search for the Oblivion Stone in order to restore Hank Henshaw as the Cyborg Superman.


Spoilers Follow

So, to get the weakest title of the week out of the way first, Superwoman will probably not be on my list for much longer. It’s not that it’s a bad title, it;s just that I am not a major fan of Lana as a superhero. I know that she is a popular supporting character for Superman and so they want to make use of her, but I personally prefer her as a friend to Superman rather than a hero in her own right. Having her as a normal, everyday person in his life is, I think, more important to him than a fellow hero. Not that I think Clark can’t get by without her to ground him– after all he still has Lois– but I always liked Superman’s supporting cast and there hasn’t been much focus on them over the past year. Having Lana act as Superwoman effectively removed her from his titles, as it becomes more difficult to use her as a supporting character if she stars in her own book.  I also find the manner in which she continues to operate as Superwoman (the Queen Bee armour is mysteriously continuing to provide her with her former abilities for no apparent reason other than to keep the title going) to be a bit nonsensical. Perhaps they will explain it further in future issues, but right now it seems a bit hand-wavey. “Hey, Lana needs to continue as Superwoman, so we’ll say the armour gives her powers. Just because.”

Titans begins what is sure to be a fun crossover, with Deathstroke becoming aware of “a new Flash” that might prove the key to him bringing his son Grant (AKA the Ravager) back from the dead. I’m not sure how long it’s been since we’ve seen a classic Deathstroke/ Titans story, but it feels like it’s been a long time. This should fit the bill nicely. It is also providing us with the opportunity to see some interaction between the original Wally West and the Wally introduced in New 52, which should be interesting.

Detective Comics wraps up the League of Shadows storyline and while it is… effective… at doing so, it’s not the most exciting climax to a story I have read recently. I find that Batman is almost a secondary character in this book at times, though that is understandable given that it is effectively a team book. When Batwoman was given her own title, I expected that she would likely disappear from Detective, but I am glad that so far I have been wrong. My usual bat-complaint remains, though: I would like to see more of Bruce Wayne. In the titles I am reading, the characters are mostly missing private lives. The exceptions to this being Superman and, to a degree, Wonder Woman. I don’t expect to see much of Bruce here, though, given  that we have just finished exploring Cassandra Caine’s character and will probably be seeing similar arcs with both Batwing and Azrael coming up, as well as a follow-up on Spoiler.

This week’s Action Comics sees the Superman Revenge Squad coming one step closer to a full roster as they add Mongul, last seen in Trinity. Given that each member of the Squad (Eradicator, Blanque, Cyborg Superman and now Mongul) has given Superman a run for his money, it seems likely that this storyline will see a crossover, perhaps with Supergirl, Superwoman and others, though I hope not. While it is logical for a character to reach out for help, especially with the ties between characters being reinforced and emphasised, I miss the days of heroes being able to stand on their own two feet. I also have to wonder how two reporters– even ones as famous as Lois Lane and Clark Kent– can afford the cond/ apartment that they were looking at in this issue. They are on the top floor, within site of the Daily Planet. I’m assuming that in a city like Metropolis, this should run about 5 million or more. Guess they’ll have to sell the farm.

Finally, Wonder Woman rounds out the week in a flashback to Diana’s first meeting with Veronica Cale… on a date that Cale bid on at a charity auction. This was actually a fun read and  despite some of the things Cale has done, I find myself wanting to like her. As a parent, I can understand her motivation for the actions she is taking, but I am hoping that she can find some way to come out of this without continuing on as a villain. With only 3 more issues before the end of Rucka’s run (darn it), this story is nearly done. I don’t know who will be taking over as the creative team, but I hope that they manage to keep this book at the top of my list.

That’s it for this week, though I may pick up a few titles on the weekend if I have time. I still need to go back and pick up past issues of Deathstroke, ideally before continuing the current crossover with the Titans, and I want to continue the Sandman, which I finally started reading a few weeks back (a couple of decades after everyone else…)

What have you been reading? What are your thoughts on the current storylines running through your favourite titles? I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line or leave a comment below!


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