DC Super Sons and This Week’s Reads February 15

This week saw the release of Super Sons from DC, which follows the adventures of Damian Wayne and John Kent, the sons of Batman and Superman. I had been looking forward to it, because I was hoping that it would be a light, fun read.

The titles I picked up this week:

  • Batwoman #1
  • Nightwing #15
  • Aquaman #17
  • Super Sons #1
  • Superman #17
  • Justice League #15
  • Raven #6
  • Trinity #6
  • Batman #17

Spoilers follow


I enjoyed Batwoman enough in her Detective appearances that I decided to give her own title a shot. While the issue is pretty much a recap of her career to date, it doesn’t really go into too much detail as it shows her origin story. It alludes to events that only those who are already familiar with the character might be aware of. Still, it gives new readers enough information to jump on board and i rather like the art. 7/10


I have to say, I am disappointed in Nightwing the character, not the title. I am actually enjoying the current story and am glad that he is back in Blüdhaven, but I am not sure about his decisions as it regards romance. I guess I am living in the past, but I always liked him with Batgirl. Given that they are both headlining their own series, you know it is impossible for them to maintain a relationship, but I was hoping they would find a way. I have nothing against Defacer, but I don’t see her as a great fit for him. Plus, she is a little too free with his secret identity. Overall, I liked the issue, but I think Dick needs to to reconsider his romantic options. 7/10


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Aquaman could be a great title, but it’s also a tricky one. There is so much potential for exploring Atlantis and Arthur’s role as king, but there is also the need to keep him involved with the outside world, which results in both sides of the story getting less attention than they probably should. The current storyline sees Aquaman squaring off against Warhead, a cyborg designed to “control things technopathically” on the battlefield. He’s not what I would expect for an Aquaman foe, but at least he’s a break from Black Manta… 6/10

Super Sons

Super Sons is a title that I have been looking forward to since it was announced. As a kid, I remember reading the adventures of the sons of Superman and Batman. At the time, their kids were shown to been late teens and were basically Superman Jr and Batman Jr, wearing the same outfits as their fathers. Batman Jr was pretty much identical to his dad, as I recall, but Superman Jr had exactly half of his father’s powers; he was half as strong, half as fast and half as invulnerable (bullets hurt him, but not enough to puncture his skin).

This new take on their offspring follows the adventures of Damian Wayne as Robin and Jon Kent as Superboy. The two interact pretty well, and Jon manages to keep Damian from being too annoying. In fact, I don’t think I wished for him to die even once in this issue.

My concern, though, is that the kids are going to make it pretty much impossible (from the standpoint of logic) for Batman and Superman to maintain their secret identities. After all, this issue sees the duo encountering Lex Luthor, whom I imagine will wonder at the similarity of both Clark Kent and Superman having young sons the same age, who look remarkably similar.

Still, this was a decent first issue and I think it could be a fun series going forward. 7/10


We get another helping of young Jon Kent in this issue, as Jon and his neighbour Kathy have an adventure tracking down Kathy’s grandfather and his missing cow, encountering a stange, shadowy figure along the way. Again, my issue is with the whole secret identity thing, as Kathy is aware of Jon’s abilities and should really have little difficulty figuring out that his dad is Superman. It’s a bit of a throw-away issue, but not a bad one. 6/10

Justice League

I wasn’t going to pick up this week’s Justice League, but decided to give it one or two more issues. I am glad I did, because I think this was my favourite issue of the current run. This new story arc sees the League encountering a new enemy, the Timeless, who want to detonate temporal bombs at key points in history, preventing the rise of metahumans in the DC universe. The Timeless themselves are only moderately interesting, but what catches one’s attention is a young woman that the Timeless are pursuing, one who can remember everything from DC’s history “from the Crisis to the Flashpoint to what’s happening now,” and she doesn’t seem thrilled that things keep changing.

It’s an interesting issue with art that I generally found to be quite good. I especially enjoyed a sequence that found Batman and Superman in the Infinity Corporation Building. While all of the regular humans– including Batman– were staggering about, barely staying on their feet as the building moved though time and space, Superman simply stood there, unaffected. There was not a word of dialogue to reference this. It was purely visual and I thought it was quite clever. 8/10


The final issue of the miniseries. Not much to say about it. It was ok, but I really don’t get this version of the character. I am more familiar with how she appeared in the cartoon and the comics of the 90’s. This almost feels like a new character. One that doesn’t interest me that much. 5/10


Wrapping up the first story arc (actually, I have to admit that I don’t know if this is an ongoing series or a limited one. Huh.), this issue is ok, but nothing special. I enjoy seeing the “big three” working together and building ties of friendship that have been missing since the New 52 began, but I have to say that the series has been losing my interst a bit as it goes along. I’ll stick with it for a bit, but it’s likely to be dropped soon if it doesn’t pick up. 6/10


Continuing the “I am Bane” storyline, this issue sees Bane laying the foundation for his revenge on Batman, while Alfred undertakes his own mission to help restore the shattered mind of Gotham Girl.

Now that Bane is in Gotham, I’m expecting Batman to go back to finishing every sentence with “break his damn back!”

Another very average issue. 6/10


The most pleasant surprise this week was Justice League. I’m glad I picked it up. Coming in at a close number two is Super Sons. Overall, a decent bit of reading this week, but I really wish they’d get around to the main Rebirth storyline. Fortunately, that seems to be coming up shortly.

Comments? Thoughts? I’d love to hear from you below.


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