Does whatever a Spider Can!

As everyone with an internet connection (or a friend with an internet connection) now knows, the new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer has arrived!

I have pretty mixed feelings about it though. Overall, I am tremendously excited to see him in the hands of Marvel (even if still owned by Sony) and I am so seeing this on opening night! But to run down a few pros and cons:


Tom Holland shows more “Peter-Parker-ness” in this trailer than we’ve seen in all the previous movies.

I think he is a brilliant choice for the role and look forward to seeing him play Spidey for the forseeable future. He also seems to be having fun with it and is young enough that he can stick around for years to come .

Connections to the MCU.

Marvel and Sony have given fans what they have been hoping for for years now: Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, some people will complain (and they have been…), but that’s just the internet being the internet. This is a good thing, for the most part, but we’ll address a possible Con below.

It just looks fun.

I totally enjoyed Tobey Maguire, but he was a little too mopey. Certainly, Peter had that side, but what usually draws people to Spider-Man is that he’s a fun character and no matter what brings him down, he always bounces back. There should be a sense of wonder and fun to Spider-man, especially in his early years and it looks like this will take that into account.



Too much Iron Man?

Robert Downey Jr is Marvel’s biggest star. One could argue that Sir Anthony Hopkins deserves that title more, but he is in a supporting role, with nowhere near as much screen time. RDJ is pretty much Marvel’s ambassador, being in so many films as well as making numerous real-life appearances and helping charitable causes. Iron Man has become one of Marvels most visible and most popular heroes. That said, there is a risk of him being too involved in this movie.

Having Tony take Peter under his wing is a logical step for Tony after some recent events. His guilt over the death of Miriam Sharpe’s son in Sokovia and his growing frustration with his own failures (Ultron, his “break” with Pepper Potts, his falling out with Captain America) could all quite easily lead to him helping Peter out. On Peter’s end, it’s totally logical for him to accept help from Stark and even seek him out when in need.

The problem, however, is that this is a Spider-Man movie. It is not a team film like Avengers. For Spider-Man to carry his role as the lead, he needs to be independent. He needs to be able to rely on himself and solve his own problems. Peter Parker is a genius. His intelligence is often underestimated and even down-played, but he is actually brilliant. To have Tony supply him with various gadgets is totally unnecessary; Peter can and should create his own gear. He should be self-reliant. Having Iron Man help him out implies that Spider-Man is incapable of solving his own problems. Hopefully the movie will allow him to be his own hero.

Aunt May.

I like Marisa Tomei. In real life, she is a realistic age to play his aunt. After decades with Aunt May being portrayed as a frail, grey-haired woman, however, it is difficult to accept her in the role. I’ve been calling her Aunt Tomei, but I think I will start using the much more clever Aunt Bae…  Also, a small pet peeve is having Peter call her May instead of Aunt May. That’s disrespectful.

No sign of Jonah yet.

Come on, we need JJJ.

The Costume

It’s not bad, but I would like to see a more comic-accurate version. I don’t understand how everyone seems to think this is identical to the comics; it’s not. Andrew Garfield’s costume in ASM2 was the closest we’ve ever seen, aside from the spider design. I can live with it, but I hope it evolves. Plus, I don’t like Peter being dependent on Tony for the costume.

Ned Leeds

I… just don’t see Jacob Batalon evolving into the Hobgoblin. I understand the need to get away from Harry, Gwen and MJ for a bit, though, so focusing on other character is ok. It’s just odd casting.


Well, that’s about all I can think of for now. I’m seeing this multiple times, no matter what happens.

Fingers crossed that it’s good.

Also: I’m still thinking that Homecoming might tie in to Winter Soldier, given that it was one of his activation words…


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