Finally! A Star Trek Discovery Trailer! Only…

So, we finally have a trailer for the upcoming Star Trek Discovery series, and… I just don’t know. I have somewhat mixed feelings. Take a look:


Ok, I am going to be a bit nitpicky here, but I have to comment on a few things.

They decided to set the new series in the Prime (that is to say, REAL) universe. That means it is in line with the continuity of Enterprise, the original series, Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager. It is not set in the alternate universe established in the J.J Abrams movies. This was a big plus for me and one of the main reasons for my initial excitement. Finally, I thought, we’ll see what follows Voyager and Star Trek Nemesis!

Unfortunately, they opted to set it in the past. Again. This is disappointing for a couple of reasons. Fans have wanted for some time to see what happens next in the Trek universe and also simply because the entire concept of the franchise is to boldly go forward and explore. Why then, is the series looking back, especially when we have the current movies doing just that?

And why on earth would they choose to explore the past if they aren’t even going to maintain continuity? Sure, they are involving Sarek, perhaps as a way to force cohesion with the other series, but Discovery takes place in 2255, approximately (Kirk took command of Enterprise in or slightly before 2265). At this point in time, Captain Pike would be approximately one year into his command. Why do the uniforms of Discovery’s crew not match Starfleet standard as seen in The Cage, the original Star Trek pilot featuring Captain Pike? Is Discovery somehow serving in another branch of Starfleet, with different uniforms? I could perhaps accept that, but why would their uniforms have Enterprise’s Delta? Their uniforms should have their own insignia.

And those Klingons… Sigh. Abrams’s redesign of the warrior race didn’t sit well with me and a number of other fans. I was hopeful that Discovery would show Klingons properly. During this time period, the majority– or even the entirety– of Klingons that the Federation would encounter would be afflicted by the Klingon Augment Virus, resulting in Klingons that resembled their original series look. And if for some reason Discovery was dealing with Klingons that were unaffected, then we should see Klingons as depicted in the Next Generation-era shows. I am creating my own “head canon” that states they are another race/ offshoot of Klingons from a different part of the Empire. Or perhaps they are another kind of mutation caused by the Augment Virus. I really hope the show addresses this.

I didn’t expect to see a tOS-style bridge or technology, but some effort could have been made to visually match the design of Starfleet. I am now in the very uncomfortable position of saying that Abrams’s Trek did a better job of respecting the source (at least the look of it.)

I am trying to maintain some optimism and not judge it before seeing at least a couple of episodes (and thankfully Netflix will make it available for those outside of the US), but the fact that they are not being consistent with what went before makes me wonder how closely they will follow the ideology of Trek.

Please be good, Discovery. I want real Trek again. Please be good and a worthy inheritor of the name Star Trek so that you can Live Long and Prosper.


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