How DCU Movies Kick Marvel’s Butt

DCU Movies Kick Butt?

Now, before you jump all over me, let me say that I think the DCU movies have their flaws. Some fairly major ones actually. In general, so far, I prefer the Marvel movies. This statement will naturally still bring people down on me, just a different group of them.

I grew up with both DC and Marvel, so I love them both, but where my brother preferred DC, I was a Marvel fan. It all came down to the characters. My brother loved Superman and Batman, while I loved Spider-Man most of all. I was a DC fan as well, though. Superman is right at the top of my list with Spidey, and if you have read anything else on this site, you likely know that I am reading mostly DC comics now.

But while I am enjoying DC over Marvel in the comics, I prefer Marvel to DC in the theaters. Some say that DC is making more mature movies while Marvel is making films for kids. I happen to like the film of both companies, but I prefer Marvel’s brighter and more fun tone to DC’s dark and gritty style (strangely, though, I enjoy the darker Netflix fare that Marvel has put out quite a bit.

So why do I say that the DCU movie kick Marvel’s butt?

It’s All About the Ladies

For some time now we have been aware of the growing popularity of superheroes (and geek culture in general) amoung girls and women. Many fans have been hoping to see a female lead in a Marvel movie, but nothing has come to pass as of yet. I personally don’t think that a character like the Scarlet Witch could carry a film by herself, but I don’t have too much difficulty believing that Black Widow could do so. I could easily see her in an action/ espionage film. It would be less of a gamble for them than some other films because it could be made with a smaller budget.  I don’t understand Marvel’s disinterest in giving her a film.

Over at DC however, one of their highest-profile and most-anticipated films is the upcoming Wonder Woman film starring Gal Gadot. The buzz on the film has been good and despite some early resistance to the casting of Gadot in the role, she seems to have won over quite a few fans after her appearance in Batman v Superman.

And lest we think that Wonder Woman is the only female character capable of headlining a superhero film, it has now been announced that Joss Whedon– creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, and writer/ director of the first two Avengers films– will be writing and directing a new Batgirl movie.

I’m not sure if Marvel is simply not confident enough in Black Widow’s drawing power, or if it’s something as simple as Scarlett Johansson  having a limited number of appearances left to her contract and Marvel wanting to save those appearances for Avengers-related films.

Marvel took a chance– and did very well– with Jessica Jones on Netflix, but it’s past time for a female superhero to appear as the lead in a theatrical release. There is a large untapped fan base just waiting for a hero to call their own. Until Marvel realises this, DCU movies have a real chance to kick their butt.

Do you want to see more female leads in superhero films? Let me know!


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2 thoughts on “How DCU Movies Kick Marvel’s Butt”

  1. Seeing female leading a movie is not a problem for me. However I like my female role models to be more sassy and cool. I’ve got example of what I mean would be the main character in resident evil. She’s tough she’s smart and she actually kicked butt. I’m not too sure about wonder woman hopefully she is something like that. If she is then I’m off to watching it.

    1. I am really hoping that Wonder Woman will be good, although what I am hoping to see may not be what some others are looking for. Much of the current view of Wonder Woman is that she is an awesome fighter, almost as strong as Superman, carrying a shield and sword….

      When she first started to use her sword, I didn’t mind. It tied in with her roots as an amazon, which was cool. When she killed Max Lord in the comics, I didn’t mind too much because of the “trinity” in DC (her, Batman and Superman), she was the one most likely to do so. Unfortunately, over time people developed this view of her almost as a Wolverine-style killer, which is a massive disservice to the character.

      My all time favourite quote from Wonder Woman is “We have a saying, my people. Don’t kill if you can wound, don’t wound if you can subdue, don’t subdue if you can pacify, and don’t raise your hand at all until you’ve first extended it.” That, to me, is the essence of Wonder Woman. She may be able to fight, but she never wants to. Her strength isn’t in how well she can wage war, it’s in her ability to constantly wage peace. As I find myself saying more and more these days, that is the type of superhero we need to see more of. Diana is a loving, compassionate woman and I truly hope that they manage to capture that part of her character. Far too often, writers try to portray women as being powerful by simply writing them as men.

      Of course I hope for some action– it is a superhero movie after all– but I hope they don’t forget the core of her character, and I hope that she paves the way for other female heroes stepping into the spotlight. As I wrote, Marvel is really falling behind in this. I am glad that DC is stepping up and showing us that women can be heroes, too.

      And, I’ll add that I do like butt-kicking women in film. Alice in Resident Evil, Selene in the Underworld series, Ripley in Aliens and a number of other characters have been great, but I really hope we can see a tough female hero that is written with a feminine side.

      Thank you for responding.

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