I Need Elite Dangerous on PS4!

Elite Dangerous PS4

Ok, seriously now. Ever since they announced Elite Dangerous on PS4 I have been waiting for more information, but there has been precious little. I am really looking forward to this game, though. It has been too long since I’ve had a really good space game. I had been hoping that No Man’s Sky would be an awesome game, but sadly, it just wasn’t. I know it’s popular to hate on the game, but I won’t do that. I actually didn’t hate it at all. It just wasn’t what I expected or wanted. Elite Dangerous, however, seems to be much more in line with those expectations.

One of the first games to really make me feel the scope and size of space was Klingon Academy. I love the way I could warp into the Sol system, aim my ship at Earth, go to maximum Impulse speed and then walk away for an hour only to come back and find I’d made less than 10% progress in my journey. That might sound boring (and it really isn’t something that I recommend doing) but the point is it let me see just how big space is. At sub-light speed, I just wasn’t going to get anywhere because space is huge.

You might be thinking “well, duh,” but up until that point, I hadn’t really played any games that let you feel that size. Everyone knows space is big, but to actually feel it in the game was pretty impressive to me at the time.  Elite Dangerous, which is modelled on our actual galaxy, seems to have that scope. Tales abound of the lengthy trip to one of the game’s destinations, Hutton Orbital. Like in my Klingon Academy example, it seems that players must simply aim at the station and then sit back and wait. One can’t walk away from the game however, because being even slightly off-course could take you far from your destination.

Elite Dangerous has been adding on quite a bit of content, though there are still the complaints of “nothing to do” in the game, other than transporting goods or exploring. It would be great to see more of a narrative side added to the game, but I don’t know what is planned for the future. I’m hoping, however, that with the addition of actual character models, players will be able to eventually leave their ship and explore on foot or interact with others. If Elite could develop along the lines of what we are seeing in store for Star Citizen, I would be ecstatic. You might as why I don’t just wait for Star Citizen. That’s a fair question, to which I would say that I can’t afford a top-of-the-line computer to play one game. Elite will run on the PS4 that I already own.

So far, the release date has not been narrowed down beyond Quarter 2. That’s fine though, as it will allow me to finish some other stuff before it arrives. I’m sure that once I get ahold of it, Elite will be taking up most of my free time.

What is your favourite space game? If it is an older one, are you still playing it? Would you like to see it updated? I’d love to see a new version of Klingon Academy, with the same gameplay, but updated graphics.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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