My Reads: DC Comics This Week May 3

I picked up 5 titles this week (being on a budget sucks…) and blew through them in record speed. I’d love to be able to branch out into other titles, but until I start earning some big bucks, that’ll have to wait. So, my DC comics this week are:

Aquaman #22

H2.0 finale Aquaman and Mera have uncovered the truth about Dead Water, but can save the remaining Aquamarine? Even if they do, the countdown to the detonation of a miniature nuke has begun. By Abnett and Briones

Justice League #20

Endless part 1.  Déjà vu all over again as the League find themselves in a time loop that ends with ever-increasing destruction and the death of one of their own. By Hitch and Henriques

Nightwing #20

Nightwing must Die finale. In the clutches of Dr Hurt! If  Nightwing can’t overcome the torment being inflicted upon him, then he, Robin and Defacer are doomed! But why is Dr Hurt doing this and what does he see coming for them all? By Seeley and Fernandez

Batman #22

The Button part 3. It’s the Flash, teamed up with Batman and… Batman? As time comes apart around them, the trio must uncover the truth about the mysterious Button and who is behind the manipulation of the DC universe. By Williamson and Fabok

Superman #22

Black Dawn part 3  Batman is missing and Robin, Superman and Superboy have left Lois Lane on her own. So what’s a famous news reporter to do? As Lois puts her investigative skills to use and starts to uncover the secrets of Hamilton County, Superman continues to investigate Deadman’s Swamp. By Gleason + Tomasi, and Mahnke.

My Thoughts (with spoilers)

This was another really good week, but with some titles being better than others as usual.

Aquaman was a bit of a letdown, though it wasn’t exactly bad. I just expected a bit more. The first few parts of H2.0 had a nice Alien vibe going, with the Aquamarines in the underwater base and an unknown predator in their midst. It had better atmosphere than I am used to seeing in a comic, but by this issue it was down to standard comic slugfests. Aquaman’s decisions toward the end, however, will hopefully have repercussions in the future, as he took actions that the Atlanteans have long condemned the surface world for taking. I would like to see a continuation of this at some point down the road.

Justice League was ok. I got the impression from one of the alternate covers that we’d be dealing with the multiverse and alternate realities, but instead we were treated to the League’s version of the movie Groundhog Day. I am not too sure where the JL issue fall in terms of continuity with other titles. Superman is depicted here with his latest costume, yet Barry is out on a date with Jessica. I’m not sure if there’s much communication between authors, because it looks as though Barry is pursuing two romances at once (the other being Iris in his own book). Pretty standard fare overall. It may just be me, but I always expect the Justice League stories to be… bigger somehow. In my mind, they should be leading the way in the Rebirth storyline, but the again, having it play out in the various books of individual characters prompts more sales…

Nightwing gives me some hope for my on-again, off-again dislike of Damian Wayne. He seems to have a good relationship with Dick and I’d actually like to see more of them together. Like his relationship with Jon Kent, being around Dick seems to bring out the better side of Damian. I am hopeful that he can continue to grow and become less abrasive. I do find it a bit odd after growing up with Batman and Robin, that Robin is hanging out with everyone but Batman, but I think Damian works better that way. Batman’s books tend to still be a bit on the dark side and perhaps there is a conscious desire to keep Robin away from that in order to have him lighten up a bit. Whatever the case may be, I personally prefer Batman with either Dick or Tim.

Superman probably had me flipping pages (well, changing pages on my e-reader) faster than any other title this week. I was anxious to see where things were going and as Lois’s position grew ever more dire, I found myself wishing this was a giant-sized issue. I actually didn’t need to see Superman at all, which is good considering he hardly appears. As much as I kind of disliked the idea of them living in Hamilton County at first, I now find myself wanting to know what’s going on there and what the townsfolk are up to. I’m not sure if there is magic behind the town’s operations, but it feels that way, which might spell trouble for Superman. I hope that they don’t draw out the “Jon is extra, extra special!” aspect of the story too long, however. I like Jon, but I’m not a fan of him being “more powerful” than Superman and somehow more important to the story that any of the major characters.

Finally, Batman was also a really good read. Written by Joshua Williamson as opposed to the usual Tim King, this feels closer to the Batman I am used to and the request of Thomas Wayne to his son may just be a catalyst for a change in Bruce’s demeanor. This issue also answered my concerns about Thawne  that I had after his last appearance, and I am hopeful that in the next part we will finally get some concrete answers about what is going on, as Flash and Batman seem to be on a rapid approach to whatever killed Reverse Flash in part 1.

There is still a lot of stuff that I am hoping to see addressed in Rebirth, but I have no real complaints about how it’s been going so far. As I said above, I’d love to branch out into other titles. In fact, I’d probably read almost everything being put out right now if I could, but short of working two jobs, I don’t see that happening, so I will focus on the core books for now.

I’d love to hear some thoughts on what you’ve been reading and if there’s a title that I am not picking up but that I definitely should, please tell me. I’ll find a way to at least try it out for a few issues.

Thanks for reading!


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