DC Comics Have Me Collecting Again

Like a lot of young boys (and girls, too, actually), I loved comics. My brother used to have a big box full of comics and I would read them whenever I was able to, even though e wasn’t too fond of me touching them due to my habit of “enhancing” them by practicing my signature in them, … [Read more…]

Does whatever a Spider Can!

As everyone with an internet connection (or a friend with an internet connection) now knows, the new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer has arrived! I have pretty mixed feelings about it though. Overall, I am tremendously excited to see him in the hands of Marvel (even if still owned by Sony) and I am so seeing this on opening … [Read more…]

New Dimensions in Lego Fun

Last Christmas, my nephew gave my older son Lego Dimensions for the PS4. It took me until about 2 weeks ago to try it myself and I’m glad I finally did. As a kid, I never really cared much for Lego. It was ok, but it didn’t really excite me; I never really had the … [Read more…]