Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer 2 Released


Today is the day I have been waiting for, with a new trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming. Spidey is probably my all-time favourite hero and I have been looking forward to this movie for some time now. I really enjoyed Tom Holland’s take on the character in Captain America Civil War and have high hopes for Homecoming.

So, having finally seen the new trailer what did I think? My reactions follow the trailer below.

Well… I have kind of mixed feelings, actually, but I’ll start with the good stuff.

I really like Tom Holland, even though we haven’t seen much of him yet. Since we are back to the start of Peter’s career as Spider-Man, I am glad to see a young actor in the role, which makes his inexperience and earnest demeanor much more believable. It also has the added bonus of him being young enough to stay in the role for several movies.

Visually, I think it looks great. Spidey moves the way he should and I while I can appreciate darker, moodier superhero films, I am a big fan of bright colours and more optimistic heroes. Spider-Man has been through as much grief as pretty much any other character, but he has usually managed to keep an upbeat view on things.

Seeing Spider-Man in the MCU is where I start to have the mixed feelings, though. I love that he is able to interact with the Avengers in theory, but the film looks like it might have the same issue that the comics themselves have when heroes cross over into each other’s books, and that is the way that the title character usually becomes less competent in some way.

In this case, Spidey need the help of Iron Man to combat the Vulture, played by Michael Keaton. In the comics, Vulture isn’t that much of a threat that Spider-Man should require help. He’s always managed to defeat him on his own. I can overlook this to a degree, given that this is a somewhat inexperienced Spider-Man, but this is also the solo debut for this iteration of the character, so it is vital that he be able to stand on his own, rather than depend on help. This sets a precedent that will have fans asking why he doesn’t call for the Avengers every time he is having difficulty in future films.

The fact that Tony supplies him with a high-tech suit makes this worse. Peter is supposed to be a genius, equal in his own way to Stark or Banner. Having Tony design and provide tech to him undermines him. Peter himself says “I’m nothing without this suit” in the trailer and I have a big problem with that. I can write it off a bit as Peter’s own insecurity, but the fact is that the trailers released thus far do make him look like a bit of a tech-based hero. He may not have actual armour like Tony, but he seems to have gadgets in a way that we are more used to seeing on a hero like Batman….

I’m not going to comment on “Aunt Bae” other than to suggest that is the de-ageing trend continues, a future reboot might see her as his slightly-older cousin.

And why do we always need the heroes to be unmasked during a battle with the primary villain? That drives me nuts. I don’t really need an answer, though, because I know that studios pay for an actor in a role and want to see their faces on screen. I have a feeling, however, that having Vulture see Peter’s face is going to be a death-sentence for him, unless they want to have him continually threaten to reveal his secret identity… (Sudden, frightened thought: I really, really, really hope that they don’t have Peter go public with his identity.)

Anyhow, I don’t want to be hating on this without seeing it. Truth is, I am very excited for it. I’ll be there opening night. I find it frustrating though, to have a film come so close to getting things just right, only to have small, nitpicky things throw me off. It’s similar to how I felt with Man of Steel, where we finally had the technology to show Superman at full-power, which is something we have waited decades for, only to have him dress in dark colours, be depressed and kill his enemies.

I also have to wonder what’s going on with the announced “spider-verse” films starring Venom, Black Cat and Silver Sable (supposedly). It’s been said that they will have no ties to the MCU, which is a bit confusing. Why make the effort to integrate Spidey if everyone else in his world will be separate? I don’t really need Venom teaming up with HYDRA, for example, but if they take the approach that they are not in the same continuity, but just without crossovers, that is a bit weird.

Spider-Man Homecoming releases July 17, with me in line at the theater.

What are your thoughts on the trailer and the direction the film is taking? Let me know!



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