The Millennium Falcon from Lego

Well, now. Looking at the Millennium Falcon from Lego, I just might have to change my mind about those little bricks.

I have to admit something: I never used to like Lego when I was a kid. Sure, we had some in my home, as did most of my friends, but it wasn’t like today, with all the fancy sets and cool figures. Nope. What we had was a large cardboard box with a bunch of miscellaneous pieces. I don’t think we even had a single Lego figure.

One of my friends was very good at creating things. I remember him building a Veritech fighter (from Robotech/ Macross, if you aren’t familiar with it) that actually transformed. I don’t mean it could be taken apart and reassembled in the new form, it transformed from jet to robot and back again. I was in awe, considering that my Lego abilities consisted of making squares and rectangles. If inspiration struck me, I might add wheels, thus creating a “car”. At the height of my creative powers, I was able to create what looked like a stick man out of mismatched pieces.

My first son became a big Lego fan when he was young, falling in love with Ninjago. As a result, I found myself playing with Lego, to my great surprise. My son was too young to build the sets that he was interested in, so I wound up helping him. Before I knew it, I was also watching Ninjago with him, and I found that it was actually quite good. By the time the Lego Movie came out, I was officially a Lego fan, but mostly for the various shows. I had grown to like some of the toys, but not exactly love them.

Now, we have the Millenium Falcon, and even I have to admit it is pretty sweet. With an incredible (and daunting) 7,541 pieces, and a reported assembly time of 36+ hours, I am not sure if I could successfully build it, but boy, would I like to try…

Some reviews have been mixed, with many of the poor reviews citing the exorbitant price as the main negative point, but I know Star Wars fans who would happily pay in the thousands for this set.

Check out the video below and see if you are brave enough to tackle this monster. If you are, it is still currently available through Amazon, but with limited quantities pushing the already-high price through the roof.

Lego (LEGO) Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75192

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