This Week’s Reads: April 12

Posting this a bit late (again). It has been a bit of a busy week, involving job hunting and changing my son’s daycare. I picked up a few things to read on Wednesday, but only got around to actually reading them yesterday. I’ve been reading a couple of books lately and they kind of distracted me from my comics, and I have also been focusing on trying to do some of my own writing again, but it’s taking a little while to get into the swing of things.

What I picked up:

Justice League of America #4

The Extremist Agenda: finale  Batman and co. against the Extremists led by Lord Havok      By Orlando and Reis

The Flash #20

Agent of Black Hole Iris West goes undercover after the bodies of dead speedsters are stolen, and a traitorous former ally of the Flash is revealed. By Williamson and Googe.

Supergirl #8

Family of Tomorrow  Superman comes to visit Kara again for the first time and together they must face the threat of the Emerald Empress. By Orlando and Bergara

Titans #10

Made in Manhattan: finale  Nightwing and Flash have been captured. Can the other Titans manage to save them and thwart the Fearsome Five? By Abnett and Booth

Detective Comics #954

League of Shadows part 4. Batman must decide whether he trusts Ra’s al Ghul enough to accept his aid in defeating the League of Shadows, but will Ra’s end up using the League to destroy him? By Tynion IV and Takara.

Wonder Woman #20

Godwatch part 3. Cale calls upon the aid of Circe in an attempt to strike back against Phobos and Deimos. By Rucka and Evely.

Action Comics #977 

The New World part 1. On the heels of his recent encounter with Mr Mxyzptlk and his merger with his New 52 self, Superman examines his entire history from his escape from Krypton to the present day in search of answers about what has changed in his life and the universe around him. By Jurgens and Churchill.


Spoilers Follow

By far, my favourite weeks are those where Action, Detective and Wonder Woman come out and this week was no exception. The weakest of my reads this week was JLA and I must say that now that I have made it through the first story arc, I expect I will be dropping it. I love Batman as a character, but when he isn’t well-written, then I tend to find him annoying and that is the case here. JLA just doesn’t do much for me. The concept of the title is pretty illogical to me and I am not really digging the team that was put together, though I have nothing against any of the characters individually. Titans continues to be a fun book, though it’s pretty light fare. I keep hoping for more, given Wally’s involvement in the meta plot of Rebirth, but hopefully now that we are in year 2 of Rebirth, they will kick it up a notch. The book is pretty good, however, even if I am torn as to which lineup of Titans I like best. I like this group, but I also really liked the group as presented in the cartoon series (though I greatly dislike Teen Titans Go, ugh).

Flash was pretty good this week, but as always, I find that the actual super heroics lack a bit of excitement given how powerful Flash can be. There have been a few instances of the villain or threat of a particular issue being defeated or subdued on a single page. Then again, there are other times that he gets caught off guard, which should be all but impossible. I think Flash’s powers vary according to plot more that almost any other hero’s.

Wonder Woman is now having the Truth and Godwatch storylines come together in a great manner. If you are not reading Wonder Woman, you should correct that error at your earliest opportunity. That’s not to say that the story is without flaws, but overall, I am enjoying it quite a bit.  I’m hoping that the upcoming movie will portray her as well as Rucka’s storylines do.

Action Comics and Supergirl both deal with the after-effects of the Superman Reborn storyline.I am not sure that I like everything they are doing right now, but I will hold off on judging.  The implication was that Superman (as seen in Lois and Clark) was the Superman of the post-Crisis Universe and was separate from the New 52 version. This seemed to work well given the fact that Wally West was another survivor from the old universe., as it allowed for precedence in explaining things. Now that we know that he was split into two entities which have been reunited, it raises the question of whether this has happened to all of the characters or not. As I mentined in a previous post, Batman and Catwoman have conflicting memories of their first encounter, with one of them remembering Frank Miller’s Year One and the other remembering their meeting back in the 40’s.

I don’t mind too much that Superman is now an amalgam of the two character histories, but I really hope that they explain what is now “real”. In Supergirl, he and Kara note that they have no memory of the last time they saw each other, but they have an extensive history. Likewise, Jon Kent and Kara seem to have a pretty solid relationship and knowledge of each other, despite never having met.

My two biggest hopes for Rebirth remain a review and cleaning up of Batman’s history, and the restoration of Captain Marvel. I think the former is possible, perhaps even likely, but I am afraid that the second will not come to pass and that makes me very, very sad. I am keeping some hope, however, that DC will do the right thing.

As always, I would love to hear thoughts and comments on what you are reading and your theories regarding what lies ahead.




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