This Week’s Reads: April 19

Now, this was a good week. Not only were there a number of things I picked up (more than usual, anyway), but there was virtually nothing that I was reading just out of habit. Every issue was one I was looking forward to and none of them disappointed. We are finally moving forward with the overall Rebirth storyline, beyond just little hints and throwaway panels.

Superwoman #9

Steel Resolve  Lana Lang’s life may have been saved by Superman, but is it at the cost of being Superwoman?     By Perkins and Segovia

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Nightwing #19

Nightwing Must Die!  Nightwing comes face to face with Deathwing again as he races to save Robin from Dr. Hurt     By Seeley , Fernandez and Jung

Justice League #19

Timeless part 5  Caught between Molly and Tempus, the Justice League fight to save the Earth and themselves. By Hitch and Pasarin

Super Sons #3

When I Grow Up part 3  Superboy and Robin together against Kid Amazo, but first they must learn how to stop fighting one another…    By Tomasi and Jiminez

Trinity #8

The Truth About Superman  Superman shares the tale of what happened to him during Superman Reborn with Wonder Woman and Batman, but can even this trio find a way to oppose the forces that have been manipulating time and reality? By Bunn and Lupacchino

Aquaman #21

H2.O  part 3  Aquaman and Mera venture into the source of H2.O, but can they discover the truth in time to save the Aquamarines from Dead Water? By Abnett and Eaton

Batwoman #2

The Many Arms of Death part 2  On the trail of the Monster Venom, Batwoman returns to the criminal haven of Coryana, facing both her past and her future… By Bennet and Epting

Superman #21

Black Dawn part 2  With Batman missing, Superman teams with Robin and Superboy in a search for him, but instead encounter the deepening mystery of Hamilton County. By Tomasi, Gleason and Godlewski

Batman #21

The Button part 1  Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash has returned, and he wants revenge on Batman for the actions of Thomas Wayne. Meanwhile, the mystery of the button grows deeper. By King and Fabok


Spoilers Follow

Ok, so this is what I have been waiting for. Things are finally about to start revealing themselves. After months of either subtle hints or worse, no information whatsoever, the storyline of Rebirth is moving forward. Justice League, Superman, Batman, and Trinity all drop some info on the event that is now in at the start of year two. Continued references to Jon Kent being “more than you know” are dropped, while the Kent’s neighbours in Hamilton county are revealed to not only have knowledge of Jon and his abilities but also have as-yet-unspecified plans for him. They are also shown to be responsible for him not being able to fully manifest his abilities as yet.

As I have previously mentioned, I am not personally thrilled with the idea that 10-year-old Jon is (seemingly) one of the most important figures in this storyline, or that he is, according to Batman, more powerful than Superman. To me, it is just not terribly logical and I find also that after the effort that was made to bring Superman back to his former glory, Jon being so special and so powerful kind of pushes Superman into a secondary role. Even when I went through my phase of being less enamored of Superman, I still maintained that he is and should be DC’s preeminent character.

The Button part one is what I was probably looking forward to the most this week and I was pleasantly surprised. I have been commenting repeatedly lately that Tom King’s interpretation of Batman is definitely not my favourite, but in this issue, I find that he was was handled quite well. As a bonus, he didn’t come across as either crazy or suicidal, which was a welcome change. I have to admit that, while some people absolutely hate it, seeing the Comedian’s iconic blood-stained button in Batman’s hands did manage to elicit an excited response from me.

Super Sons continues to be a fun read and if it continues in this manner, it might just be responsible for me beginning to (gasp) like Damian Wayne. I never thought I would write something like that, but here we are… I think that his interactions with Jon are helping him learn how to be a child, which is something that he truly needs.

As I read Trinity, I found myself wondering about the ongoing retelling of Wonder Woman’s origin in her own book. Here, in Trinity, she is able to sympathise with Clark’s recent experiences as she has herself come face-to-face with the knowledge that someone has been manipulating her past and her memories. I am not sure if that will be tied into the greater Rebirth storyline, or if those manipulations have happened apart from this major crossover. I’m not sure if it is easier or harder to retell her story during Rebirth and the changes it is causing/ will cause.

Batwoman has been more enjoyable than I expected. I truthfully didn’t know too much about her before she joined the cast of Detective, but I liked her there and I find I am also liking her quite a bit in her own book, even though it is probably a bit early to form an opinion, given that it is only two issues in so far.

There are still so many questions waiting to be resolved. I want to know more about Saturn Girl, who is presently stuck in Arkham Asylum. I want to learn more about how Superman’s history has re-written itself. I want to know if the Joker has been split into 3 in the same way that Superman was split, or are there actually 3 different Jokers? And if so, is one the original?

I know I have said this before, but I am truly hoping that Rebirth will see the return of the real Captain Marvel, though I haven’t heard anything about that yet. Given recent comments by Jon Bogdanove regarding the potential return of Superman’s red briefs, however, I am choosing to believe that anything is possible and that DC is genuinely interested in recapturing the feel of days gone by.

Do you have any thoughts on where this story is going? What will be the result of it all once the dust settles? Why is Dr. Manhattan (presumably) doing all of this?

Please share your thoughts below!


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