This Week’s Reads February 22

Some good issues came out this week which I rather enjoyed. I also found myself picking up some older books as well. We seem to be finally moving in on some revelations regarding Rebirth, so the next several weeks should be pretty good.

What I picked up:

  • Detective Comics #951
  • Teen Titans #5
  • Wonder Woman #
  • Action Comics #974
  • Deathstroke: Rebirth
  • Deathstroke #1
  • Justice League of America #1
  • Flash #17
  • Supergirl: Being Super #2

Spoilers Follow

I continue to be somewhat confused by the mission statement of  the Justice League of America. Batman reiterated yet again that this team is meant to “show people we are like them” and let them know that “they can be heroes.” Well, the thing there is that the average person isn’t a super-powered alien like Lobo. They also don’t generally shrink to microscopic levels or possess sonic powers, so I am not sure how Batman intends to show those without powers that they are the same as those with them.

I’m probably going to drop Teen Titans and Flash now. Teen Titans hasn’t really grabbed me with the storyline and I still find Damian Wayne to be more annoying than interesting. The fact that he leads a team of other heroes who seem to be anywhere from 3 to 10 years older than him is more of a stretch than I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for.

Supergirl: Being Super has been a pretty good read, though it doesn’t really feature any super-heroics. It’s more of a look at the life of Kara as she deals with teenaged drama and the loss of a friend. I am actually enjoying it more than I expected to. It’s holding my interest better than the regular Supergirl series did.

Detective Comics let me know how out-of-touch I was with the continuity of New-52, as it involves the League of Shadows, which Batman considers to be a myth… I wasn’t aware that he in this continuity he had no experience with them.  It was good seeing the return of Shiva and I look forward to her interactions with Orphan. I have to say though, that I am not thrilled with Batman of late. We never see Bruce Wayne anymore, so it seems that Batman has no use for that side of his life anymore. Beyond that, I’m not sure what Batman is supposed to be great at anymore.

It used to be that Batman was portrayed as being basically peak-human in most areas, and he was considered “the World’s Greatest Detective.” I’m not sure if that holds up anymore. Batman is very athletic and acrobatic, But Nightwing in a better acrobat. Nightwing is also often considered to be a better, more-charismatic leader. Batman is a great fighter, but Orphan is (by his own admission) better. He’s good with tech (his various toys) but most of them are not really his invention anymore. Batwing is better with tech and both Red Robin and Batgirl are better with computers. His main claim to fame– as a detective– is also questionable, as Red Robin has been implied to either be a better detective, or at least possessing the potential to be greater. As a result, the only thing that Batman now seems to be the best at is brooding and being a jerk.

Action Comics was a fun read, focusing on the mysterious Clark doppleganger taking Lois on a date. This is very much the classic Clark Kent with his blue suit and “gee whiz” expressions. I couldn’t help but think of Christopher Reeve during this issue, at least at the beginning. Things do take a darker turn, however and we discover that this Clark is a bit… off. While I find the stoy interesting, I hope they don’t drag it out oo long, because I really want to know what’s going on.

Wonder Woman, again, is one of my favourites as it continues to alternate issues in the past and the present. This issue, set in the present, sees the return of one of Wonder Woman’s oldest foes, while Diana herself is in a mental-care facility talking to a snake that lives in her arm… Yeah. I love the art and the story is keeping me engaged as we work toward revealing secrets about Diana’s origins and the truth about Themyscira.

Pick of the Week

While technically not from this week, I only just started reading Deathstroke. I was familiar with the character primarily through Teen Titans– both the comic and the cartoon– but I didn’t have extensive knowledge of him.  The story has ample flashbacks, giving some background, but without totally rehashing his origin. It seems to me that it’s a bit of a different take on the character, because I tend to think of him as a villain, while the new series has him as more of an anti-hero. I’m enjoying it so far, but I am not sure how long-time fans of the character feel about it. I’ll be picking up the other issues a few at a time in order to get caught up.

Looking ahead, I’m still hoping for some revelations about the whole Rebirth storyline, but is seems that we will start getting some answers in March.  I think it will be rather difficult to satisfy readers given the status that Watchmen has in the comic community. I am sure that virtually anything they do will be hated by a fairly large segment of the audience.For myself, however, I think I’ll enjoy it. I don’t hold Watchmen up as an example of comic perfection, so I am pretty willing to see the characters used in this storyline.

Whatever happens, I’ll still be reading.

Thoughts? Comments? I’d love to hear other views on what I’ve read and anything that I should be reading.

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