This Week’s Reads: March 15

I picked up more than usual this week and was looking forward to a number of titles, but… nothing really excited me in this batch. Some fairly good stuff, but nothing overly exciting. The titles that I grabbed this week are:

Aquaman #19

Aquaman joins forces with the Aquamarines to investigate a research base that has gone dark while studying the mutagenic Strange Water. By Abnett and Briones

Batman #19

I Am Bane continues as Bane pursues the Dark Knight through Arkham Asylum, tearing through the inmates in the process.By King and Finch

Batwoman #1

The Many Arms of Death part 1. As Batwoman continues to “do what Batman can’t” in pursuing those dealing in the bioweapon monster venom, she finds herself back on the island nation of Coryana, facing both her past and those she left behind. By Bennett & Tynion Iv and Epting

Justice League #17

Timeless part 3. The Justice League battles on several fronts from the distant past to the far future in an effort to thwart the plans of the Timeless, while Superman is offered the choice of saving his friends or his family. By Hitch and Pasarin

Nightwing #17

Nightwing and Robin race to France in pursuit of the missing Shawn Tseng while also dealing with the difficulties between them, setting the stage for another battle with “one of the sickest minds” they have ever encountered. By Seeley and Fernandez

Super Sons #2

Robin and Superboy face off against Lex Luthor as the threat of Kid Amazo grows. By Tomasi and Jiminez

Trinity #7

The New Pandoras. Lex Luthor, Ra’s Al Ghul and the goddess Circe are drawn together in their own unholy trinity by an unknown force.By Bunn and Mann & Mendoca

Superman #19 **Pick of the Week**

Superman Reborn part 3. As he faces an old foe for the life of his son, Superman learns the truth of his existence and his connection to the fallen Superman of the New 52. By Tomasi and Gleason


Spoilers Follow

I had a hard time choosing a pick of the week, as nothing really stood out for me as being especially exciting. I ultimately chose Superman because it is finally starting to give some answers to the whole mystery surrounding Superman and his connection to his fallen counterpart.

I was a little underwhelmed by the big reveal. It was easy enough to guess that he and the New 52 Superman were actually one being split in two. What is somewhat surprising is that the “blue” Superman– representing his hope and optimism– should be the older, more experienced Superman. I also have to wonder why Lois would be split in two. And why would one Superman/ Lois remember the old universe while the other didn’t? And what does this mean for Jon?

Given that the New-52 Superman/ Lois are the embodiment of the “red energy,” I am questioning whether Lana Lang will continue as Superwoman. Reading the last issue of her own book, it looked like she was about to be de-powered, at least until the last page. Now I am not sure, though the implication seems to be that she (and others like the New Superman) are merely holding onto the red energy until Superman can reclaim it.

It seems as though the fusion of red Superman and blue Superman might explain why his upcoming new costume will have the metallic-looking boots, as he becomes an amalgam of the two characters.

Aside from Superman, my other two favourites this week were Super Sons and Nightwing, which is somewhat surprising given that both feature the ever-annoying Damian Wayne. I will admit, though, that Damian is less annoying when paired with Dick or Jon. I’m not sure if he’ll ever  reach a point where I find him likeable, unless the overarching Rebirth storyline sees him drastically re-written. It’s strange, but the only time I have come close to actually liking him was in his recent appearance in Deathstroke, which also included a portrayal of Batman that showed him being much more competent than he is in his own books.

Speaking of Deathstroke, I will likely pick up another issue or two before next week and I have finally– after years and years of procrastinating– started reading Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, which I am enjoying so far.

What titles have you been reading? Is there anything that is so good that I simply must pick it up? Anything that you would recommend avoiding like the plague? Let me know!


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