This Week’s Reads: March 22

I keep playing with the idea of dropping certain titles, and yet I pick them up anyway, while looking at adding more. Sigh. If only time and funds were unlimited… I’d love to read more. There are a number of titles that I would happily try out if I had the money for it.

Oh well.

I only picked up 5 titles this week, but enjoyed them all, for the most part:

Teen Titans #6

Continuing the origin of Aqualad, which fortunately comes just as there is a mysterious 400% increase in shark attacks in San Francisco… Quick: what DC villain do you associate with sharks? By Percy and Pham

Wonder Woman #19

The Truth part 3. Reunited With Steve, Etta and Ferdinand, Diana returns to action and goes searching for Barbara Ann, bringing her face-to-face with Poison. By Rucka and Sharp

The Flash #19

While searching for information on the Reverse Flash,  Flash and Kid Flash have fallen into the clutches of the Weaver Clan thanks to Captain Boomerang. Unable to escape on his own, Flash just might need help from his old enemy Captain Boomerang to survive. By Williamson and Merino

Detective Comice #953

League of Shadows part 4. Things look grim for Batman and his allies as the League of Shadows wreak havoc in Gotham and Orphan faces a personal crisis. Will the appearance of one of Batman’s greatest foes help or hinder the Dark Knight? By Tynion IV and Blanco/ Duce

Action Comics #976

Superman Reborn finale.  Another major change for the Man of Steel, his loved ones and the DC Universe as a whole as Superman and Lois Lane face Mister Mxyzptlk with the help of… Superman and Lois Lane? By Jurgens and Mahnke


Spoilers Follow

A number of good reads this week, with Action Comics being my pick of the week and Teen Titans being the weakest of the bunch, though Flash almost tied for last place…

Wonder Woman continues to be one of the titles that I look forward to the most. I am enjoying both of the stories alternating through the book, but I have to admit that I am getting anxious for some elements to be resolved. I suppose, however, that this is an indication of how invested I am in Diana’s current adventures.

Detective is also typically a good read. The League of Shadows as presented here is dangerous and challenging to Batman and his allies. They actually pose a threat. Now, I have seen some other reviews saying that this is a poorly-written issue and I won’t say it is a masterpiece, but I am enjoying Tynion’s take on Batman much more than Tom King’s. I had expected to dislike Detective because I wasn’t really looking for a team Batman book, but I find that I actually like seeing Bruce’s interactions with the other characters and I have become a fan of Batwoman, whom I hadn’t really cared about previously. Even the addition of Clayface, which seemed kind of dumb to me at first, has been enjoyable.

I do wish we could see more Bruce Wayne, though. Since the beginning of Rebirth, there have only been a handful of Bruce Wayne sightings and that’s unfortunate. I know that between the two identities, the Batman persona is the more “real,” but I’d like to see Bruce from time to time.

Over in Action Comics this week is where the real action (ha) is taking place, as Superman, Lois and Jon face off against Mister Mxyzptlk. While it didn’t give me the same emotional rush that the previous issue did, I still totally enjoyed it, even if it left me with a few questions.

It seemed pretty obvious that they would reveal that pre-New 52 Superman and his newer counterpart were one-and-the-same. I mean, it’s not like Superman has no experience being split in two… Plus, it just seemed obvious. I was thinking months ago that this would be the resolution, though I have to say that– as written– it wasn’t as exciting as it could have been, and it raised more questions than it answered.

For example:

  • Lois and Clark knew who Jon was in Superwoman, but once they manifested in this issue, the no longer had any idea.. Why would that be?
  • Why was the older, more experienced Superman also the one who was brighter and more optimistic? Things aren’t generally portrayed that way in fiction.
  • Are other character split into two selves? If not, why not?
  • Do the event of this issue impact all other titles in the DCU? It sure sounds like they should.
  • So, Clark has two sets of memories now? Or does he have a composite? Does he remember dating Wonder Woman while being married to Lois? There’s one for Superdickery.
  • Will this clear up Batman’s illogical timeline?
  • Why was the original Wally West simply removed from reality instead of altered/ split like everyone else?
  • If other characters are split like Superman was, why is Wally’s simple presence enough to have everyone remember the previous reality (well, except for Linda Park, for some odd reason…)
  • What does this mean for characters like Hank Henshaw?
  • Is this the reason for multiple Jokers?
  • What is so special about Jon Kent?

There are a ton of other questions, but those come to mind first.

My initial thought– which may still come to pass– was that the old universe would be restored, with everything snapping back into place, but with everyone remembering what had happened in the New 52, like a dream or alternate memories.

I am not really going to complain too much about whatever happens; overall, I am just happy to see the legacy and history of these characters return. I’ve enjoyed the vast majority of what I have read so far and am hopeful that this trend will continue. I just have a small wishlist. Maybe I am being unreasonable asking for more, but they are doing a great job so far and if they miss a few of the points I am hoping to see, I will have a hard time seeing Rebirth as a complete success.

Basically, the things that I would love to see are:

  • Batman’s timeline being worked out. It is not logical at the moment
  • Improved relations between Batman and Superman in particular, but heroes in general (which does seem to be the point of Trinity)
  • The entirety of the old universe being restored
  • The return of Captain Marvel. I will never call him Shazam, no matter how much they try to force me. Almost as much as Superman needed it, Captain Marvel needs to be Reborn.
  • The return of colour, fun and heroic heroes.

That’s really about all I can think of right now, though I am sure other things will come to mind with time.

Do you have any wishes for the second year of Rebirth? Is there anything that you desperately hope to see happen or not happen? Do you have a theory on how it will all play out? I’d love to hear from you. Please comment below.


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