This Week’s Reads: March 29

Wow! What a slow week. I only picked up three titles, and one of them was a back issue. That’s ok, though, I suppose. Saves me a bit of money! I am trying to catch up on stuff that I wasn’t reading until recently, like Deathstroke, as well as old stuff that I never got around to reading, even though I should have (Sandman. Yes, it’s true, I never read Sandman. Don’t judge me!)

Justice League of America #3

The Extremists part 3. The JLA find themselves aiding in a rebel coup to oppose the Extremists, who now control an entire nation. Can even Batman come up with a plan for that? By Orlando and Neves

Titans Annual #1

Nightwing, Tempest, Wally West and Donna Troy find themselves imprisoned with their former mentors Batman, Aquaman, Flash and Wonder Woman and must unite to face the threat of the Key! By Abnett and Jung


Spoilers Follow

Well, there’s not all that much to talk about this week. I feel as though I must have missed something, but checked twice in the list of this week’s releases at Comixology. I was tempted to pick up some titles that I don’t regularly read, but with a Titans annual released this week, I have to assume that more annuals will be out shortly, so I will put aside the cash for them.

JLA was fairly average this week. I am not actively liking or disliking it. It’s just ok. I feel that characters are not really being used. The focus is pretty much on Batman, which I suppose should be expected, but the other characters really should have more involvement than they do at the moment. It’s only the third issue, though, so I will give it a bit of time to develop, but I hope that it picks up soon.

Titans was good, though. I enjoyed seeing the former sidekicks working alongside their mentors again, particularly Batman and Nightwing, and the two Flashes. What was a bit off for me was the interaction between Wonder Woman and Donna.

Having been plucked out of their daily lives and deposited in a seemingly abandoned facility by an unknown force, the Titans and JLers were understandably cautious about what was going on. After all, if someone had the power to teleport them into a secure facility that their equipment and assorted heightened senses could not penetrate, it was logical to think their teammates and friends might be some sort of simulacra. Most of the character were willing to trust one another, however, except for Batman (no surprise there) and Wonder Woman (big surprise). While Batman was at least willing to work with the others without fully trusting them until he could figure things out, Wonder Woman was less trusting and bordered on hostile to Donna.

I initially accepted Wonder Woman’s attitude as being a result of the events of her own book, which have been causing her to question pretty much everything she knew. As the story went along, however, she continued to be kind of… bitchy. This is Wonder Woman, the embodiment of love and friendship, the person who strives to bring people together. That just didn’t feel right at all, no matter what else she might be going through.

I’m wondering if there may also have been a small mistake in the story. At one point, Batman comes into possession of a device that can scan for the presence/ proximity of organic beings. Despite the fact that there are 4 members each from the Titans and Justice League, the scanner only detects 7 organic beings, with Donna showing up as something different.

Diana is forced to admit the truth of Donna’s origin as a clay statue brought to life, which leaves Donna in an emotional crisis. That is all well and good, but I am wondering if the scanner should have picked up only 6 organics. Though I haven’t seen the quote myself, it seems that Greg Rucka has stated that Wonder Woman’s origin as a statue brought to life will be restored. If that is the case, I suspect that they don’t want to reveal it here, but it is unfortunate because it will result in continuity errors.

The issue also included allusions to a character pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Whether that person is Mr Oz, Dr Manhattan, or some other character is unknown, but it does appear that he is working as part of the greater Rebirth narrative.

So, what are your thoughts and theories about Rebirth? Tell me down below and let me kow what your current favourite title is!



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