This Week’s Reads: March 8

This was a good week for comics. I enjoyed just about everything that I picked up. DC has been staying true to their word about bringing back the sense of legacy and history that has been missing in the New 52. While I am still finding a few titles to be a bit weak, overall I am enjoying the books I’m picking up.

This week, I picked up the following:

Superwoman #8

Lana Lang’s life hangs by a thread as the powers she received following the New 52’s Superman’s death continue to ravage her body and all the while the very universe seems to be changing around her, threatening to change everything she knows about herself and those she loves. By Jiminez and Herbert.

Justice League of America #2

Batman and his new Justice League continue their battle against Lord Havok and the Extremists while trying to come together as a team. By Orlando and Watanabe

Detective Comics # 952

The League of Assassins is in Gotham, but Shiva’s first order of business is to confront her daughter, Orphan. Outnumbered and out-matched, what can the bat-family do to halt Shiva’s scheme? By Tynion Iv and Duce.

Flash #18

The trail to Daniel West A.K.A. the Reverse Flash leads Barry and Wally to Belle Reve Penitentiary and an encounter with Amanda Waller. But where is the Reverse Flash? By Williamson and Merino.

Wonder Woman #18

Continuing the tale of Diana’s early days as Wonder Woman, Barbara Ann Minerva falls prey to the machinations of the twins Deimos and Phobos. By Rucka and Evely.

Titans #9

Bumblebee bursts on to the scene as the Titans confront the Fearsome Five and Meta Solutions. By Abnett and Booth.

Action Comics #975  **Pick of the Week**

This was my most-anticipated issue this week and the best single issue I have read since Rebirth began.

Continuing the Superman Reborn storyline, this issue finally reveals the identity of the impostor Clark Kent. Some new clues regarding Rebirth as a whole come out as Superman faces an unexpected foe from his past. Meanwhile, in the backup story, Superman’s foe deals with a captive Jonathan Kent and By Jergins and Mahnke, with the backup story by Dini and Churchill.

Spoilers follow

Action Comics was easily the best thing I have read this week, mostly due to the backup story. Any time they show Superman in his classic outfit, or reference the stories that I grew up with, I have to award them several points just for the nostalgia. When we get that plus and interesting tale, there’s really nothing better.

I really wouldn’t have ever imagined that the impostor Clark Kent could be Mister Mxyzptlk, but it actually makes a great deal of sense (although it does raise the question of whether Bat-Mite has also been imprisoned my the mysterious Mr Oz). Myx has the ability to completely derail Mr Oz’s plans due to both his power and unpredictability and thus had to be imprisoned in Mr Oz’s cell where he assumed Superman would eventually find and free him. Unfortunately for Mxyzptlk, Superman never came to his rescue and he had to escape by his own means, which left him with a great deal of anger toward his long-time foe.

Along with Superman and the original Wally West, Mister Mxyzptlk seems to be the only character to have come directly from the pre-New 52 universe. Given the extent of his abilities, I wonder how he would fare in a direct confrontation with Doctor Manahttan. Who knows, maybe we’ll find out.

DC has been living up to their promise to restore a sense legacy and history to their comics. While everything thus far has been enjoyable, it looks like the coming months will be even better.

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